Touching hearts to solidify partnerships

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Touching hearts to solidify partnerships


Huawei is a global telecommunications company. They have achieved continued success and enormous growth since expanding into Canadian market, working on large-scale infrastructure, consumer products and R&D in tandem with the world’s leading mobile partners.

When we got excited

With a company summit looming just weeks away at Huawei headquarters in Shanghai, China, Huawei Canada wanted to arrive with more than a Powerpoint listing its latest accomplishments. The team wanted to share a business-to-business story with their counterparts in China that demonstrated how they were solidifying customer relationships for exceptional growth in the future, while simultaneously advancing the Huawei brand.

Our challenge was to craft three compelling, broadcast-quality stories that would normally take six months to script, shoot, edit and produce. We did it in six weeks.

Grab on to their hearts

It would have been easy to get lost in the typical technical jargon and tone that often accompanies the telecommunications industry. But that really isn’t the way to tell any kind of compelling story—much less a story of partnership.

We’re big believers in what Maya Angelou famously said—that “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

With that philosophy driving our efforts, we produced three emotionally charged video vignettes that showed how a partnership rooted in friendship and collaboration would continue to fuel into the future.

Write it, fly to Vancouver and Shoot

In record-breaking time we scripted, directed, shot and completed post-production for three videos including managing a team of over 50. We scouted locations, built sets and crafted stories about real relationships between key Huawei leaders and their partners.

Our tireless dedication and collaborative approach with Huawei was responsible for successful storytelling in a way never experienced before by their team.

Across the world they applaud

We equipped Huawei Canada with the three videos for premiere in China. Needless to say the feedback and reaction to the pieces were overwhelming. Half the world away we heard stories and reactions ranging from tears of joy, belly-shaking laughter and standing ovations which provided a sense of pride and continued partnership within Huawei’s own business structure.

Beyond thanks

We are thankful for the opportunity and the experience, but it’s much more than that. Huawei Canada gave us a challenge that pushed us to test ourselves more than we could have ever hoped for. As if the incredible experiences we shared weren’t enough, we even gained some new friendships! We sincerely thank you Huawei Canada.

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